“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

financial planning

It is our belief that the best advisors spend the most time listening, allowing them to create a truly customized financial plan.

College Planning

Money Management

Retirement & Estate Planning

401(k) & 403(b) Accounts

Your children are your legacy. It’s only natural that you want the best for them, and that includes a world-class education. There are a number of education-related financial matters that high-net-worth families must consider when developing a comprehensive education savings plan. Chief among them is tax considerations. At Wealth Management Partners, our financial advisors formulate tax-advantaged education plans designed to maximize tax credits, utilize liquidity planning, and reduce income in order to tap into financial aid options.

In addition to planning for educational expenses for our clients’ children, our financial advisors often work with individuals who dream of going back to school themselves. Talk to one of our skilled advisors today and we’ll put together a plan for turning your graduate degree dreams into reality. We also work with clients who would like to contribute education funding to their grandchildren.

At WMP, we believe that our clients’ income and assets should support their unique financial goals and future cash needs. To that end, our financial planners create customized investment solutions that will optimize your capital usage while working toward your long-term objectives.

Our team is skilled at working with a diverse client base that includes families and individuals of all ages. We understand that each individual we work with has a unique set of goals and dreams for the future. Furthermore, each individual has a distinctive lifestyle and circumstances. Our money management services are custom-tailored to suit your unique financial situation and goals.

At Wealth Management Partners, we believe that our clients deserve to enjoy their new life after retirement. However, we also understand the importance of meeting one’s needs today.Our team develops comprehensive and reasonable retirement planning strategies that will enable you to live the good life—both before and after retirement. We know that you have many questions regarding retirement planning. By working with one of our financial planners, you can receive answers to the following questions:

  • When can I stop working?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • How much income can I reasonably expect in retirement?
  • What are my insurance needs?
  • When should I take financial risks?
  • What is the statistical probability of achieving my goals?
  • What are the best practices for staying on track?

Additionally, we work closely with estate planning attorneys to create frictionless transfers of wealth to your loved ones and preferred charitable organizations. Our approach to estate planning strives to minimize tax liabilities in a way that creates a truly meaningful legacy.

Wealth Management Partners provides thoughtful guidance on employer-sponsored retirement plans. Regardless of which type of tax-advantaged plan you have, our team can help you optimize your savings. We prioritize the following goals:

  • The education of plan participants
  • ERISA-compliance
  • Minimization of the internal costs of the funds
  • Minimization of the administrative and record keeping costs


It is our mission to reduce expenses to both the company and their employees. To that end, our 401(k) and 403(b) consulting services are competitively priced.


Portfolios are constructed to meet the individual’s needs using the following palette of investments.

Mutual Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Ordinary Shares
Preference Shares
Corporate Bonds
Government Bonds
Municipal Bonds
Real Estate Investments Trusts
Unit Investment Trusts
Master Limited Partnerships
Alternative Investments


We aim to educate every client to their desired level of understanding.


Personal Education

At WMP, we forge a strong partnership with each of our clients. This partnership prioritizes client education. When you become a client of WMP, you will be invited to regularly scheduled events held at resorts and restaurants. We encourage you to take advantage of these seminars, which feature guest speakers who are experts in a range of topics.

  • Retirement Planning: Retirement planning is a broad, complex subject. Our guest speakers explore discrete areas at length, enabling you to feel confident as you work with our team to plan for the future.
  • Estate Planning: From life insurance to trusts and beyond, our estate planning experts will provide food for thought as you evaluate your legacy.
  • Identity Theft Protection: About 33% of U.S. adults have been victims of identity thieves. Our expert speakers can help you protect your name, credit, and assets.Stock Market Basics: Our seminars on the basics of the stock market can help you understand everything from portfolio diversification to return on equity.
  • Capital Markets Outlook: Explore the fundamentals of the capital markets, including the primary and secondary markets, and explore our experts’ informed predictions for the time ahead.

At most financial advising firms, clients can expect to hear from their advisor a few times per year. The typical advisor provides recommendations and manages investments, yet fails to explain the reasoning behind those actions. At Wealth Management Partners, we aren’t shy about breaking the mold. We prioritize our clients’ education, believing that an informed client is a satisfied client.

As a client of WMP, you will always have access to your advisor whenever a question arises. Our highly knowledgeable team will help you achieve the level of financial education you desire.Not only are we available for one-on-one meetings at any time for questions and guidance, but we also maintain a substantial library of resources at our firm. Our clients are always welcome to borrow our resources to further their education.

Our Process

This outline is customized for every client and potential client at Wealth Management Partners. We understand not everyone has the same goals for their financial future. Therefore we are always open to tailoring this process to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Initial Meeting

Second Meeting

Third Meeting

Fourth Meeting

Who We Work With

During your initial meeting, we focus on getting to know who you are and what your financial situation is. Your advisor will ask some questions designed to establish an understanding of your financial goals, thoughts about retirement, and future income streams. We encourage you to review the Financial Plan Checklist beforehand.



The second meeting with your advisor will be an in-depth exploration of your current finances and long-term objectives. We’ll sit down together and develop your vision of your financial future. Please come prepared with questions and financial documents, including bank statements, brokerage account statements, and insurance documents.

During the third meeting, you will view two presentations. The first is a comprehensive financial plan that explores the probability of success for your financial goals. The second presentation is the proposed implementation of your financial plan. It includes investment philosophy, investment vehicles, and other items specific to your situation. We will review our service commitment to you and our fee structure, as well as specific steps to be taken to enhance and preserve your wealth.

Once we have developed an appropriate financial plan for you and your family or your business, we will initiate the process of opening and funding your accounts. The fourth meeting, which involves signing the necessary documents, may be conducted in person or electronically.

Our practice is growing. However, in order to respect our current clientele and continue to deliver the highest level of service, we will only add a small number of new relationships each year. Our minimum relationship size is $500,000 account value. We are pleased to work with:

  • High-net-worth families
  • Business executives
  • Corporate retirement plans
  • Charitable foundations